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About GLM OmniMedia Group, LLC.

GLM Omnimedia Group, LLC is a group of Christian companies dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the multicultural, urban community and whosoever will through various forms of multimedia. 
Our outreaches  include: online magazines, Christian news sites, Christian book publishing and promotions, literary services for the Christian community, website design, and online retail. Our content is delivered via multiple online platforms including: websites, daily newsletters, e-blasts, press releases, blogs, audio, video, and social media. 
Our Reach
GLM Omnimedia Group targets the African-American, Latino and multicultural Christian community, which make up an active group of online Christian users. Our over 85 websites receive a combined over 1 million visits and 6 million page views each month. Our growing network of news sites are a  comprehensive source of news for African-Americans and urban Christians in America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and around the world. Covering national and international events and issues that affect the multicultural community, GLM Omnimedia Group's network of sites is the pathway for urban Christians to discover what is happening in the world. 
Our news sites provide breaking Christian news from around the world that impacts Christians and African-Americans alike. Special sites are dedicated to sharing news from Africa, the Carribbean, the Christian youth community, and the Latino community. 
Our service sites provide book publishing, online promotion, print media, editing/proofreading, graphic design, website building, and book distribution solutions for churches, authors, and businesses who want to reach the multicultural Christian community.